Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving and a few others

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Pullman and stayed with Muffy, Aaron, Riah and Logan in their newly built home. The long weekend was very fun (despite my having a cold), and the kids loved spending time together. 
Charlotte with her cousins Madelyn and Riah

Mike and Becky aka Mogs and Papa

The youngest of the cousins - Lauren

The entire Snook clan over on Friday.

Logan playing dress up.

Doing some art

Pulled the nice camera out and took some family photos 

Hanging with our friends the Fischer's at taco time. :)

First day of December...time to pull out the advent calendars that I hauled all the way from Germany. The ones in Germany are way cooler than the ones you can get here. 

Meeting Santa. I think this may have been our first "non crying" santa photo. :) Hooray....we made it. 


I swear...this, and two small carry on's is all we packed. :) SO PROUD

on the plane. 

The house we rented on Anini Beach

The beach in front of the house

Day one....she couldn't wait to get in her suit. 

with Great Nana

hanging with aunty Janeen

From the porch of the house

At the Luau

eating our favorite shaved ice

Anna got eaten alive by mosquitos

kayaking. :)

lunch out in Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Charlotte loved boogie boarding and wasn't afraid of the waves at all. 

met up with our friend Leilyn. Her cousin Kainoa built this sand couch for us. 

with Leilyn

Best buds

The day after we returned. :) Charlotte was exhausted.